September 7, 2011

Our President is an idiot.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama, facing waning confidence among Americans in his economic stewardship, plans some $300 billion in tax cuts and government spending as part of a job-creating package, U.S. media reported on Tuesday.

The price tag of the proposed package, to be announced by Obama in a nationally televised speech to Congress on Thursday, would be offset by other cuts that the president would outline, CNN reported, citing Democratic sources.

Bloomberg News said the plan would inject more than $300 billion into the economy next year through tax cuts, spending on infrastructure, and aid to state and local governments.

Obama would offset those short-term costs by calling on Congress to raise tax revenues in a deficit-cutting proposal he will lay out next week, the news agency reported, without citing sources

One.  Do people want jobs next year or next week?

Two. Congress is not going to go for a tax increase in this economy.  Obama didn't get the tax increase he wanted in July so he comes right back with another in September?  This time he must think he can try and guilt Republicans into it by hanging a jobs title around it.  If Obama wants to spend a fresh $300,000,000,000 he should find a way to cut it from his bloated multi-trillion dollar budget.

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