September 30, 2011

New Neumann campaign, same tactics.

I had hoped Mark Neumann would be a different candidate for Senate than he was for Governor…
It would appear he intends to run the same kind of campaign.
Neumann sent out a fund-raising email on Wednesday under the header of National Tea Party Alert, implying of course that the TEA party supported his message.
Neumann played the victim card claiming to be the next target of the unions in Wisconsin citing their bad behavior in Madison and made a plea for money to fight them and the most liberal member of the House, Tammy Baldwin.
Neumann can claim what he wants of course but in my humble opinion it is bad form to claim victimhood status from the unions and the left-wing apparatus before they actually do attack him.
My larger issue is with National Tea Party Alert dot com and why Neumann is affiliating himself with them.  Who are they?  No one really knows.  It would appear that the domain was purchased out of the Bill Hudack for Congress campaign.  (Massachusetts)   What this group does is maintain a large database that is used for marketing in political campaigns. 
If you go to their website (I STRONGLY ADVISE THAT YOU DO NOT GO TO THEIR WEBSITE) the only option available is to give them your information to join their mailing list.  If you do choose to go to their site your computer will be attacked with malware and viruses.  You can find a mailing address for the group but no phone number or email address to contact them.  It appears all the National Tea Party Alert does is capture information to sell to political campaigns.
Another interesting thing that happened is when I tried to send out a few emails enquiring about National TEA Party Alert dot com (As a link, not spelled out) my emails were blocked and labeled as SPAM and as having been reported as a nuisance.  If you spell it out instead of sending a link email goes right out as normal.
I’ve been involved with the TEA party since its inception and this, my friends, is not the TEA party; this is a group pretending to be affiliated with the TEA party in order to sell a product (political mailing lists). 
The TEA party is a grass-roots effort calling for a smaller, smarter and more fiscally responsible government.
In his last election Mark Neumann claimed the overwhelming support of the TEA party from winning a straw poll of 21 people.   If Neumann wants to win the support of the TEA party in this Senate election affiliating with phony TEA party groups like National TEA Party Alert dot com won’t win him much support.
I understand Mark Neumann went to a TEA party once but by affiliating with this group and their shady practices he is clearly showing that he does not understand the TEA party though he desperately wants their support.  He would be better served in that capacity to pick up the phone and reach out to some TEA party leader s instead of trying to sponge off of all of their good work in a sleazy fund-raising campaign through a sleazy outfit..

(For the record, if you click the link above you will also find Rick Perry is using this group, shame on him as well)

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