September 26, 2011

MRQ to paint a rosy picture in the midst of sewage

super-glue his flip flops  Doug.
the bartender was crushed SER
he farted Orbs Corbs
rampant redundancy  Trog
sometimes I want a Big Mac  bussorah
to paint a rosy picture in the midst of sewage  Steve
Makes me Happy.  Kate
I DID ask his permission  CFR
Time to party.   Kevin
to the point of derangement  Peter
viewed as nefarious  Mike
Kinda creepy.  Wigdy
sober or drunk, your choice Shoebox
the redistribution of wins  Boyd
Hide me.  Patrick.
SO fake!   CFR
Nobody loves me.... boooohoooooohooooooo.......  Ric
this is continuous improvement  Frank
waiting to be carved  Chad
getting that image out of your head  Carrie
GO footballteamfrommystate!  Dipity
more than a slight resemblance  Schimming.
cannibalism averted  Wigdy
an adult film star who went to my Alma Mater.   Michael.
promises from "Peggy." Cindy
 burning my retinas  RDW

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