September 28, 2011

A moment of honesty from the hate left.

This from Folkbum:

There was a time when I actually enjoyed blogging, I will admit. At this point, the idea of trying to explain to stupid people how stupid they are has lost its allure, if you can believe that.
There you have it folks, if you don't think the way he does you are stupid.  If you hold a differing philosophy you are stupid.  If you believe in individual exceptionalism instead of union group think you are stupid.

How very small.  And this fine example of tolerance is a teacher.  I feel sorry for the young conservative in his classroom.

I'll provide a moment of honesty as well.  When I started this blog I hoped it would be a place where people of all views could come together and discuss issue civily.  I've seen people from left and right who could not be civil.   Everytime I ask someone from the right to tone it down they comply.  Everytime I ask someone from the left to tone it down I get %5E&#*(!)^!*$^$&(%!^!(%.  

People like Folkbun have no interest in civil discussion you see because if you disagree with him you are stupid.

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