September 15, 2011

Idiocy abounds in the left-o-sphere.

Outraged public employee and blogger Zach W called out this blog and others for not posting on the story yesterday about the FBI searching the home of a former Scott Walker aid.

Of course Zach forgot the word former in his post.  Just like an outraged unethical left wing blogger to miss that rather basic point.  Come on Zach, even the AP got that one right.

I answered Zach in comments saying I preferred to wait until we know something other than a search was executed.  I also mentioned several other stories that Blogging Blue failed to cover pointing out the obvious hypocrisy of his post.  (The Hoffa Jr thing, Congresswoman Moore charging for lunch, Lena Taylor boycotting Wisconsin businesses)

Zach's completely unglued contributor Jeff Simpson jumped on my comments almost immediately saying that they had indeed covered the Jimmy Hoffa Jr. story.  Jeff proved my hypocrisy by providing a link to some other left wing blog that actually attempted to provide spin on what Hoffa said.  (let's take these sons of  bitches out)   Blogging blue was of course all over the civility thing in the wake of the horrible Tuscon shootings, however they apparently approve of violent rhetoric as long as it comes from their union pals or unhinged democrats.

Umm Jeff, the whole point was that Blogging Blue didn't cover it, can I suggest a book for you?  Providing a link to another website only proves you are cognitively challenged.

While we're on Jeff, he apparently already has Scott Walker on trial 

Speaking of hypocrisy, in the wake of the horrible shootings in Carson City recently Blogging Blue actually put out a post attacking those who speculated about that attack possibly being a terrorist attack.  No speculation here was in the title.  I guess there is speculation there if the subject is their dream of destroying Scott Walker.

Blogging Blue is hypocrisy on display every day.

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