August 11, 2011

Wireless telecom ripe for drone surveillance

How about another compelling reason to stick to landlines, USPS letters, homing pigeons or owls to relay messages?

These nifty drones can easily intercept private citizens' communications, more directly and far-reaching than wire-tapping ever could. It would seem a waste of those fancy drones to listen in on our boring conversations, wouldn't it? Yet, the U.S. House recently voted to force providers to hang onto records of our Internet use. So, there is a certain level of interest in having what we common people are saying and thinking about at its fingertips. Private interests could probably rent or buy a drone to spy or skim off wireless data, too.

At least, Rep. Sensenbrenner acknowledged that H.R. 1981 "poses numerous risks that well outweigh any benefits." Wonder if he knows about the drones yet.

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