August 24, 2011

Whenever 8 liberals gather with signs, the Journal Times will be there....

So eight angry liberals have been protesting the Kenosha office of Paul Ryan over a lack of jobs.  As usual the Journal Times dutifully jumps to cover the event.

They even mention Wisconsin Jobs Now, a left wing outfit behind much of the negative campaigning in the recent recalls without bothering to mention that fact.

What the Journal Times didn't ask was the obvious question...

Wouldn't it be a more productive use of your time to actually look for and apply for jobs instead of protesting?  Do you expect someone to take pity on you and crash your protest and offer you a job?

I guess with 99 weeks of unemployment benefits to count on you can take your time finding a new job.

I hear the unions are hiring protesters.  At least you have experience, but I hear there are no benefits and the union doesn't pay very well.

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