August 15, 2011

When is it ok to attack a blogger?

When a liberal attacks Ann Althouse.

Liberal lunatic Jay Bullock lays the blame on Ann Althouse for an assault on her.  I "borrowed" this from Mr. Wigderson's Facebook page.

This one decides to attack blogger Ann Althouse for no apparent reason. By the way, are the Capitol Police worthless or what? (About 6:45 into this video.) The incident happens about 4:00 minutes in on this video. What is it about the left freely tossing around the word, “retarded?”

Jay Bullock It's kind of remarkable how the solidarity singers have no trouble on days Althouse isn't there ...
Saturday at 5:03pm ·

  • James Wigderson It's kind of remarkable how you're willing to excuse any behavior as long as they're on your side.
    Saturday at 5:07pm ·

  • Jay Bullock I'm not excusing the behavior. But the Solidarity Singers have been doing their thing for six months and, to my memory, twice have the police been called. Both times Althouse was there. That says more to me about Althouse than it does about the "protestors."
    Saturday at 5:14pm ·

  • James Wigderson We know that's not true. Should we blame the Solidarity Singers for the balloon popping incident? They seem to be the real common denominator, and (as I like to point out) they don't even have a permit for their protest that disrupts the Capitol daily.
    Saturday at 5:17pm ·

  • James Wigderson But it's good to know, Jay, that because someone has had an issue of violence directed against them twice (by your count) they're apparently asking for it, in your opinion.
    Saturday at 5:19pm ·

  • Jay Bullock No, what I'm saying is that Althouse goes to the Capitol for the express purpose of provoking attacks against her. The video she posted--after editing it herself!--shows her poking a camera in a guys face and his backing off repeatedly until he gets tired of it and pushes the camera. This guy "directed" violence against exactly zero people since February until Althouse stuck her camera in his face.
    Saturday at 5:21pm ·

  • Jay Bullock Should he have pushed her? No--that was a poor response. But come on, James, you're better than this.
    Saturday at 5:23pm ·

  • James Wigderson Give me a break, Jay. That's one of the stupidest things you have ever uttered, and you have some real doozies. "Stuck her camera in his face"? Jay, stop spinning. You're making yourself dizzy. He came over and attacked her.
    Saturday at 5:24pm ·

  • Jay Bullock James, did you even watch the video she posted? The guy keeps moving away and away and she keeps walking after him.
    Saturday at 5:31pm ·

  • Jay Bullock In the other video, Althouse has moved him so far back the attack is out of frame.
    Saturday at 5:35pm ·

  • Tom McMahon Evidently Jay has never been fortunate enough to own a video camera with a zoom feature.

  • Leave it to Mr. McMahon to lay down some common sense!

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