August 19, 2011

A note from the Department of the Obvious on the big Feingold news.

So the super hero of the far left has made an announcement  that he will seek no elected office in 2012.

I must say I am surprised that he is not running for the senate seat current held by Herb Kohl.  I've been predicting all along that after Feinie lost that Kohl would retire and Feingold would run for that seat.

Oh well two out of three predictions right are not bad.

Here is the obvious point that so far I have not seen anyone make...

This announcement comes three days after the end of recall madness?  Is that timing coincidental?  Nope.

There is hardly anyone who was more in the pockets of the unions than Russ Feingold, public or private sector Feingold was a top ten recipient of union cash from every sector. 

Feingold is smart enough to realize that the unions went all-in spending tens of millions in Wisconsin to take back some form of power in Wisconsin.  Feingold's union buddies lost in spectacular fashion.  No matter how much leftists want to claim some sort of victory politics are about power.  How much power did the democrats and their union masters gain in the recall effort?  None. 

Feingold knows that and he doesn't want to be on the losing end of another campaign so close after his spectacular defeat at the hands of Ron Johnson.

So Feingold will try and take the high road and say he has important work to do at his PAC (while simultaneously complaining about special interest money, can you say hypocrisy?). 

In short Feingold knows that Wisconsin does not want him back in the senate and that Wisconsin wants Scott Walker as the Governor.

If he thought he could win, he'd run.

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