August 22, 2011

MRQ we know where The TrogloPundit gets it

"too many" yard-sales Dad29
a bit delusional Owen
releasing balloons Wigdy
really, really hard Mr. Pterodactyl
one helluva recaller recaller recaller recaller recall Scoff
quite powerful Dan.
Pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffftttttttttttt! Peter
you belong in prison CFR
totally worth your time. Trog
made in Canada lumberjack
we know where The TrogloPundit gets it Steve
Can't touch this Doug
I disagree with everything he does Elliot
It ain't all that hard... CFR
Waldo in drag. Kathleen
about to get naughty Jib.
Squirrels in my pants! Aaron
you're blocking the TV Patrick
in rather a foul mood Pete
My brain is a cynical Dipity
crawl up your butt Frank
Have I mentioned today how excited I am Tammy
my fertility Christian
crisis to crisis w/ remote in hand Cindy
I aint niver seed nobody do it Tom
I need to slap someone Wit
I'm thinking cocktails tonight...... Ric

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