August 29, 2011

MRQ one of the best times EVAH!

one of the best times EVAH! Kate
you do the math. Tom
stuck in the terrible twos Peter
blame it on the dog. Trog
cleverly-disguised rabbits in drag misterpterodactyl
curiously life-like promotional bobble-head dolls Scoff
we felt the earth move. Wigdy
Next, they'll want to vote. Joanna
spending like a diva. dan
This Was Supposed To Be Hard Kevin
you won't find it up there. Lumberjack
Fun? Family-friendly? Wisconsin?! Althouse
You’re a scumbag Patrick.
Boobie Dept. Logjam
It’s been far too long Egg
obnoxious adolescent bullies Vicki
I like it that way! CFR
Have phone.....will annoy! Kate
Some hobbies are simply more practical than others Cindy
a misfortunate accident with hot molten marshmallow Dipity
bwahahahahhaahh!!! Dan
the bacon bikini was one thing Jimi
i may be incoherent Frank
I roll like that. Gail

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