August 15, 2011

MRQ down right appalling.

down right appalling Kate
going with answer “B.” Patrick
crushed to death by a horde of Glee fans Denis
try to pet a Polar Bear Owen
pound it in Doug
act like a victim Elliot
came out looking good and swinging Ken
all manner of temper tantrums CFR
just plain stupid. Dan
we all have to have our fantasies kate
if I wore a thong it would pop and hurt alot of people Boyd
No vuvuzela honking Fraley
sitting naked. Michael
deep fried stick, on a stick Aaron
a basis in reality Patrick
TRYING to push my buttons CFR
gives me the itchies Dipity
Musta been a mousal slip Ric
my hormonal bitch thang CFR
dangerously stupid. Lou

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