August 18, 2011

Judge Dennis Barry Found Dead in Lincoln Park area.

Judge Dennis Barry, arguably the most conservative Judge in Racine County in the past 20 years was found  dead in his vehicle.  It doesn't appear to be a Traffic incident.  The early suspicion is that foul play is involved.  A flatbed has been called to take the vehicle from the scene. The Crime Scene Investigators are crawling all over the place.  Earlier suspicion that his wife or someone else were victim's, appear to have been incorrect.  More info to follow..  JTimes has part of the story additional info at RU.  Updated at 1:00  Police say no suspicion of foul play at this time. Updated @2:00.  The medical examiner has confirmed this is a self inflicted gunshot wound.  RIP Judge Barry.  Whatever may have tortured your mind.

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