August 15, 2011

I have to ask.

If WEAC had not been spending so much money on advocating for Wisconsin Democrats would they have needed to lay off so many people?

And now we start to see the truth about what this was all about, allowing state employees the choice on being in a union or not.  I take no pleasure in people losing their positions.

Wouldn't it be great though to legislate that a select group of people had to use your product and then have the government collect the payment for that product and pass it along to your business? 

Now imagine the organization that got that incredible deal regularly gave a percentage of that payment back to one political party in order to ensure that they protected this unethical business model as long as it was possible. 

Can you imagine the outrage from that political party when that campaign gravy-train was threatened?  Why they might be so mad that they would leave the state in protest! 

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