July 25, 2011

MRQ things to deep fry.


it’s a BIG thing Kate

They seemed insane Althouse

never made it to the beach Patrick

mastered by the elite Steve

I am (almost) thankful Egg

knocking my socks off Cindy

acting like spoiled children CFR

she’s got me doing it Wigdy

Knock Knock Dipity


My wife made me promise Fritch

things to deep fry Vicki

busy, yet BORED CFR

When you came Holly

everyone leave me alone Patrick

Whyyyyyyyy? Dipity

*seriously* unhip and out of the loop Frank (We know, we know)

I wanna do bad things The Chad

I'm always in bed when all the sweet things r said Sandy

be thankful @Realdebate doesn't do TRQs anymore Egg (He says that like it is a bad thing?)

delicious meat. Nate

You can exempt yourself. Shoebox

Done dead and burried. Jazz

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