July 18, 2011

MRQ Not. Touchin. That.


blew up like a casaba Kate

Drink, drink, drink! Patrick

give her another good cleaning Owen

befuddled Dad29

drinking beer due to licensing issues Elliot

Here kitty kitty kitty Me

that was a rhetorical question CFR

Obama’s Allowance Aaron.

Get hatin’! Mr.P.

this would certainly slow me down Bussorah

Disenfranchised, I tell you, DISENFRANCHISED! Wigdy


Not. Touchin. That. CFR

The politically challenged Daniel

cupcakes.....and burgers Dipity

Make it so! Holly

too stupid for me Jim

straight into the mulch pile J

the Obvious Reverse Wigdy

luckiest man alive BigBro

kill an online troll Kevin

crap....on a stick. Frank

thugs for dummies Vicki

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