July 11, 2011

MRQ craving a jelly-filled donut

more dysfunction than Homer Simpson at a vegetarian picnic  Joanna

for the children.  Ann

break what isn't broken  Kevin

not quite Florence HendersonTrog.

did the Packers create more jobs than Obama last year?  Mike via Steve

Motorized couch.  ASIW

Flying show.  Buck

doin’ the polka  Kate

watch the fracas  Ann

pro wrestlers brandishing potato peelers lumberjack

black helicopters are flying over Waukesha  Wigdy


Mmmmmmmm.........   Ric

Form of Bulldozer Shape of Honey Badger!!!  James T

Space porn.  Gail

craving a jelly-filled donut  Cindy

screaming like a little girl  Keith

enjoying lunch twice   Aaron

makes me giggle. Jim

we are stupid  Patrick.

WHAT was I thinking???  CFR

butt broke off   Dipity

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