July 14, 2011

It is about the spending stupid.

As the left hyperventilates and forgets that Barack Obama himself voted against raising the debt limit in 2006 I think we should look at this in simpler terms.

2008 federal spending $2.9 trillion
2009 federal spending $3.1 trillion (plus 200 billion over prior year)
2010 federal spending $3.55 trillion (plus 450 billion over prior year)
2011 federal spending $3.82 trillion (plus 270 billion over prior year)

As you can easily see the federal government is growing exponentially faster than the economy.  The problem is that revenues are not increasing anywhere near as fast as spending is.  Hence, our debt is growing at ridiculous and unsustainable rates.

What Obama and Democrats want is to continue that trend.  They are promising cuts in 2013, after the next Presidential election and with a whole new Congress that may or may not  live up to those promises.  (Hint: they will not)

Additionally, even though Obama promised to extend tax rates for two years back in December he is now demanding that taxes be increased.  If Obama went back on his word from December why should anyone believe he will keep it in 2013?  (If he is still in office to keep it)

It is fairly simple to see here that what we have is a spending problem caused by the MASSIVE expansion of government spending.  The Democrat answer to that problem is to demand a new credit card and then trust that they'll curtail spending in a couple of years.

Frankly Obama's position is ridiculous.  Call his bluff?  He is going all in with 2 - 7 off suit.  (That one is for you SU)

The Republicans should go the House, pass their plan and explain this in simple terms to the people and then let Harry Reid and Barack (censored) Obama explain why they don't want to be responsible until sometime down the road. 

We've been there before, we've heard it would be fixed in the future.  That future is now.

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