July 6, 2011

Homeland security embraces Shariah Law?!

Mr. Obama has nominated David Heyman as Assistant Secretary for Policy at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and at the same agency, Secretary Janet Napolitano has appointed Arif Alikhan as Assistant Secretary for Policy Development.

What the Emperor and Napolitano did not bother to include in this announcement about these nominations:

Both men are devout, Shariah Law Muslims! This administration continues to pander to Islam and supposed "political correctness."

Let me be EXTREMELY clear here - I am NOT anti Muslim, but I AM pro US Constitution! To put people who are active supporters of Shariah law is incompatible with our own laws. Are we to believe that they could divorce their actions within the department from their CORE beliefs about Shariah law vs. US Constitutional Laws? Not likely!

Shariah Law (which both of these men have shown to advocate by their associations and activities) supports the establishment of a global Islamic state whose objectives are not compatible with the United States Constitution, the civil rights the Constitution guarantees and the representative, accountable government it authorizes. Already, Shariah Law has crept into the laws of several cities in the United States of America.

Once again the Emperor shows where his core philosophies will lead us if we let him continue. Are we going to allow this erosion of
our own basic laws to continue under the regime of the Emperor?

Be afraid - be very afraid - if these and other appointments like these are not challenged and defeated.

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