June 6, 2011

MRQ How do you like your weiner?


bobbleheaded idiot box Shoebox

I would never, never, never do that OrbsCorbs

commando it is Elliot

choose to rule Owen

averting my eyes. Ann

who is REALLY the dummy Kate

participating in the SAUSAGE RACE Ric

all manner of bad behavior CFR

be more subtle. Trog.

Actors, gang bangers, gamblers, show girls Dan

How do you like your weiner Wigdy


gone limp. Shoebox

oral argument Egg

The Idiots are coming! Kate

vindicated Me

really was Weiner Dipity


REALLY need an adult beverage CFR

Beer O'clock Dipity

I'm obsessed with shoes Holly

kicked out Chad

my gift to you Frank

still in high gear Tom

Krazy Glue in my Preparation H Peter

drooled on myself Jim

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