June 17, 2011

Have we heard the last of "Weiner the Whiner?" I think not.

Don't for one minute believe that Weiner the Whiner is going away. His narcicism won't let that happen. He is second only to the Emperor of the people we see on the Ultra Lib Marxist Progressive Dems out there in his love of self. Why did he not simply slither away into the night like he should have instead of a full blown press conference? He was laying the ground work for a big comeback after pretending to do some "rehab" at some ritzy high priced luxury "clinic" for perverts. How long will that take? Only as long as it takes for the Dem party to get polling results indicating it's safe for him to resurface.

Case in point -- Slick Willy - X-President and chief white house pervert. He did not go away - as a matter of fact he may be stronger within his own party than he was while in the White House.

In the mind of a Progressive Politician - neither of them broke any moral rules or did anything illegal, therefore why hold them accountable for their immoral actions?

Watch out - Weiner the Whiner will be back!! and he will continue to work even harder for the ruination of our country like all good Marxist Progressive Dems do.

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