June 3, 2011

Democrat Hypocrisy on Display.

I've stayed away from Weinergate. 

Anyone with half of an objective mind knows that the only reason Anthony Weiner has not called for an investigation is he knows what the results will be.

But that's not what I want to point out.

Anthony Weiner (D) New York will be a featured speaker at the Wisconsin Democrat's convention in Milwaukee tonight.  Little Mikie Tate is standing behind Weiner's ridiculous claim that he was hacked as if it was fact.  This from the unethical chair of the Wisconsin Democrats who makes mountains out of molehills at every opportunity when it serves his purpose.

That the Wisconsin Democrats would welcome with open arms this man at this time speaks volumes to their charachter.  In short, they don't have any.

I've been saying it for years, activist democrats have absolutely given up on the concept of ethics.  As long as someone is down for the cause absolutely anything is justified.

UPDATE: Weiner has cancelled.  This does not change the fact that the Wisconsin Democrats still wanted him to attend their event.  I refer to Mr. Brown in the post beneath this one for witty remarks.

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