May 20, 2011

Why aren't liberals angry that you have to show an ID to do the following things?

Rent an apartment.

Buy a home.

Get a hotel room.

Rent a car.

Buy a car.

Get a job.

Apply for food stamps.

Apply for rent assistance.

Get a library card.

Buy a pack of cigarettes.

See a Doctor.

Open a bank account.

Buy alcoholic beverages.

Get into a nightclub.

Buy cold medicine.

Obtain insurance.

Get your ears pierced.

Get Badgercare.

Join any branch of the military.

Take a commercial flight.

Cash a check.

Obtain a technical certification, do testing.

Go to college.

Get a cellular phone.

Refinance a mortgage.

Close a loan

Adopt a pet.

Get married.

Get a PO Box.

Purchase a gun.

Obtain credentials at a political convention.

I'm sure there are more, these came right off the top of my head.  It would seem you could barely function in society without an ID and left doesn't care about any of that.  Unless of course you make it harder for them to cheat at the polls.  SHAME SHAME SHAME.

Frankly either party's get out the vote efforts would help anyone obtain a legal ID that needed one.  Frankly I think they doth protest too much.

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