May 23, 2011

MRQ spurious at best.


gone off the deep end.  Mary

needed more eyeshadow  OrbsCorbs

Zombie Preparedness Month  Trog

downright reactionary  Wigdy

go to bed SER

rocket propelled potatoes  Steve

the big lefty  Egg

prosecuted for child abuse  Elliot

your wife or girlfriend knows how to use them  Drew

behaving badly  CFR

hope you made it  Trog

an ignorant bully  Wigdy


invited to lunch  Nancy

The world did not end  Sherri.

spurious at best  Lou

get me a sledgehammer  Vicki

Suck it, Apocalypse Frank

As he sits on it  CFR

 I held off filling up the tank  Aaron

the restaurant's on fire  Chad

a cool action shot Patrick

 the zombies are coming next  Holly

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