May 2, 2011

MRQ I miss the trq's

TRQ (Twitter Random Quotes)
I'm glad @Realdebate doesn't do TRQs anymore   Egg
I miss the trq's.  Shoebox
change the rotation  Nancy
I'm not believeing anything until I see a skit on SNL  Carrie
Going ALL-IN  Kevin
feel like watching "Navy Seals"  Pete
one way to avoid.  Caughill
celebrating by flipping.  Jones 
keep having spurts Dipity 
MRQ (Monday Random Quotes)
no one learned diddly  Kate
strikes me as pathetic.  Owen
all wiggledy-limp  Dad29
protected by powerful people  Elliot
Here's a photo of a couple  Steve
What justice looks like.  Mary.
not-so-infrequent vulgarity  Egg
being completely sarcastic  Kevin
my reaction was joy.  CFR
I’ve been having an affair  Dipity
Did someone pop popcorn  Wigdy
FBRQ  (Facebook Random Quotes)
I hope we can make that happen once again  Dipity
Holy Screamin' Eagle S**t!!  CFR
wanted me to try again.  Patrick
so simple so easy  Tom
some sort of "artistic expression  Vicki
in yer cherch kamps, wirin' yer internetz  The Chad
does not come from Chihuahuas. Disappointing.  Aaron
bidding on the Elvis collector plates  Wigdy
If I fall asleep, they have each other to talk to  Peter

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