May 16, 2011

MRQ HOOTERS is a sponsor

shrink it back to normal  Kate
It's a treasure trove  Althouse
more slimy hijinks  Roland
get in early  Patrick
naked man Paul
Two-and-a-half goats  Blue
stick this in your socket.  Trog
my own exploratory committee   Trog
daring to complain  Wigdy
not too busy to run for the Senate Elliot
feel half your face  Holly
Paparazzi-style  Scoff
I definitely need a few drinks  Egg
how tiny  Still Unreal

I had a V8  Chad

digging through the trash  Dipity

a wee bit  CFR

74% Sexy  Jimi

better be good  Lance

in big, big trouble  Sherri

seriously, I do  Me.

literally DEAD  Philip

HOOTERS is a sponsor  Vicki

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