May 10, 2011


If you have not been following No Runny Eggs' daily recount reports you should be.

Check out this gem...

Dane County’s minutes of the recount provide a rather interesting read. There were several torn ballot bags in the city of Madison, several instances of ballot bag seal numbers missing from the inspectors’ reports, ballots from two reporting units in two different municipalities that were initially missing from the recount room (both stacks of which favored Prosser in what were communities that were overwhelmingly carried by Kloppenburg, and which did not affect the pre-recount net margins once added), and an instance where an absentee ballot not cast at the municipal clerk’s office lacked a witness signature yet was counted both at the polls on election day and by the recount canvass board. I don’t need to tell you that there were no objections from the Kloppenburg campaign over any of this.
There was, however, an objection from the “non-partisan” Kloppenburg campaign on another ballot. In Madison’s Ward 59, the canvassers ruled a ballot that had a write-in for “Democratic one above” as a “scattering”; the Kloppenburg campaign wanted it counted for her.

It would seem the Kloppenburg campaign is ok with unwitnessed absentee ballots and non properly sealed bags as long as they are in liberal Dane County.

Kloppenburg wants to be a Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice but she wants to apply rules based on geography.  I guess some votes count more than others.

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