April 7, 2011

Vote Phishing in Madistan

In case you missed this from Blaska's Blog on Isthmus.

The second questionable incident could involve physically phishing for votes. I got this directly from the source but only because I was sitting at one of Vicki’s microphones this afternoon, trying to digest Tuesday’s election. That’s when Peter Friedland of Madison called in to her Up Front program.

"I have seen many things i our neighborhood but what I saw yesterday is one of the few things that kept me awake at night," Mr. Friedland told me in a follow-up interview. "You hear about voter fraud but I never thought about how it was done -- or that it happened here."

Mr. Friedland says that between 5:30 and 6:00 p.m. Tuesday, three women appeared outside the complex of 8 four-unit and 2 eight-unit apartments on Brittany Place, just off Raymond Road in the troubled Prairie Hills neighborhood, just west of Meadowood. Two of the women appeared to be in their 40s, the third was younger. One of them spoke through a bullhorn, the others had camera phones.

One of them brayed through the bullhorn urging lower income residents inside the apartment buildings to vote. "They were saying come and vote and if you weren't going to vote we would like to use your name," Friedland told me. However, no resident heeded their call, from what he could see.

Mr. Friedland later noticed a young man in their company. As residents came outside in response to the bull horning, he entered the buildings. In Mr. Friedland’s building, "he appeared to be writing down names on the mailboxes."

Mr. F confronted "the horn lady" who told him to mind his own business. "When I asked what they were doing the two older ladies turned and walked away fast." They jumped into the two waiting automobiles.

A half-hour later he noticed the horn lady outside the Walgreens drug store just north of Allied Drive, asking for voters and/or names. Mr. F identified another of the women at the adjacent McDonald's restaurant with a group of about 20 others.

Could those 20 have used the phished names and addresses they had just harvested in an attempt to vote?

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