April 18, 2011

Union Thugs

A 14 year old speaking at the Madison TEA party on Saturday, look to see how the union thugs treated her(Warning, union members using their normal language)

They want to tell us that this is what democracy looks like?

Pay attemtion Zach and Folkbum et all, when we talk about union thugs, this is what we are talking about.  If you aren't condeming this type of bad behavior then you are part of the problem.

People came and assembled lawfully and peacefully and they had a right to be heard.  What does the left think?  Vuvuzellas, whistles and drums were apparently the order of the day.

That's the problem with the hate left and free speech, they can't bear the sound of it when it does not agree in lock-step with their union masters.  The unions have shown that they have zero respect for the people that they supposedly serve.

Governor Walker did NOT decertify the unions but it is clear that he should have done exactly that.

Come on you left wingers, what happened to the new tone?  Your hatred becomes more and more transparent.

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