April 25, 2011

MRQ two-drink minimum.

not the right shape  Althouse
to do what is best  Patrick
for the "Kids" Owen
wasn’t smart enough   Elliot
a wider viewing  Steve
go highbrow  Mary
Hit it early, hit it often  Egg
just plain dumb   Randy
a rather strong way (if sexist)  Kevin
bend over.  CFR
How can you say no to that?  Trog
strip her  Dan
two-drink minimum  Wigdy
so desperate Cindy 
Never argue with an idiot  Peter
Twix and cornbread  Kate

I were this classy DD

I should just stfu  Frank

egggggcellent  Molly

enough already  Anne

Please Sir, I want some more  Philip

Made them pretty.  Aaron

spotted dick.  Casper

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