April 11, 2011

MRQ jibe-talking

curled up in a fetal ball.  Trog
Holy Unintended Consequences Deekaman 
keep the sharp objects away  Wigdy 
getting angry again.  Kate 
I don't think America understands Althouse
being somehow unfair Elliot
Umnnhhhh...bghoinemmffroingnbhhti'aa' Dad29
a waste of time and money  Egg
very embarrassed   Dan
I got a tingle up my leg.  Jim
jibe-talking.  Vicki
HONK!! HONK!!  Frank
Idiots!  CFR
crazy coupon ladies  Dipity
Looks like hell.  Aaron
I've never had more bacon  Casper
just motoredboated  Chad
too many toys  Holly
touch it to see what happens  Patrick
Chubby Blonde Chick  Gravelle
a waste of time and money  Tom
Drunk Cubs fan  Christian

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