April 4, 2011

MRQ a bad case of protest fatigue

I repeat myself.  Kate
being done openly.  Althouse
the evilist Steve
my plumbing license Trog
It doesn’t exist.   Bussorah
Anyone want that action? Chris
a bad case of protest fatigue  Althouse
Show them this. Blue
creepy as hell  Kevin

where the bag usually hangs  CFR
nothing better James
turns to page one and gets busy  Aaron
legs dancing.  Conrad
can't....stop...looking  Holly
Makes sense now.  Sara
will suck more than most  Patrick
Tofu burgers!!!  Fraley  We're losing Fraley
That explains the thunderstorms  Me
gonna be big Philip
urge to kill: *rising* Frank
I've offered to drive all my Kloppenberg-voting friends to the polls on Wednesday  Tom
playing harmonica with the Chad Tom   (The Chad?)
I can't take much more   CFR

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