April 4, 2011

A few points from the Racine TEA Party

·         The Election is tomorrow!  Get out and Vote, and Bring a friend with you! There are several important elections tomorrow including the Supreme Court and Racine County Executive races.  For information on these, and other races go to our website and click on Election Info  Link: http://racineteaparty.com/2011/04/01/election-info/

  • Be a Poll Watcher tomorrow.  We still need volunteers to help with this.  It isn’t too late to volunteer.  Email us at racineteaparty@live.com ASAP.

·         Racine Unified Referendum  Stop the Spending!  Please visit our website for information on why this increased spending is NOT the answer to improving education in the Racine Unified School District .  See where the candidates stand on the issue as well.  Link to info on our website: http://racineteaparty.com/rusd-referendums/

  • Write-In Campaign in Caledonia  There is a write-in campaign, funded by the AFL-CIO going on in Caledonia for the 2 trustees running unapposed.  If you want these individuals to be re-elected you need to cast a vote, even though there is only one name listed on the ballot.  We are not telling you who to vote for, just making you aware of the write-in campaign.  To see the mailer that was sent out got to:  http://www.caledoniaunplugged.blogspot.com/

·          Tax Day TEA Party in Madison will be held on Saturday, April 16th at Noon.  You should have received an email from AFP WI on this.  Go to http://americansforprosperity.org/wisconsin to register for the event.  There will be a bus running from Racine and Kenosha .  Racine TEA Party will be helping with the event.

 ·         American Majority Activist Training will be held in Racine on April 30th from 11AM-4PM  For details on what the seminar will cover, and to register go to: http://americanmajority.org/events/sturtevant-wi-activist-training/

·         Paul Kern hosting Sound Off on WRJN starting today.  This show is typically hosted by Don Rosen, who leans left.  Don is having surgery, so Paul will be filling in for a while, and would really appreciate some conservative callers.  Please help him out!  The show is from 9AM-11AM Monday-Friday

  • Special Election  to be held on May 3rd to fill the vacated seat of Scott Gunderson, who resigned in January to take a position in the Department of Natural Resources.  The district includes part of Racine County ( Waterford area).  Republican David Craig and Democrat Jim Brownlow are vying for this seat.

·         Recall Petitions There are numerous recall efforts underway in WI, including Senator Bob Wirch who represents Burlington/Kenosha. They are still collecting signatures, even though they have collected the minimum necessary for the recall.  Racine TEA Party cannot be involved in a recall effort due to 501c4 rules.  The website for the group leading this effort is www.recallwirch.com

·         Issue Update

Voter ID  We are still PATIENTLY waiting for Voter ID and comprehensive vote reform to be implemented in Wisconsin . Please continue to call your Assembly Representative and urge them to move the Voter ID bill forward to ensure it is implemented in time for the recall elections and the Presidential primary.   We need Voter ID and comprehensive election reform ASAP!  On April 5th, bring your ID to the polls, and let’s “practice” showing our IDs at the polls. 

The RTA Repeal Bill is making its way through the legislature.  Remember K-R-M?  Elimination of the RTA’s will effectively drive a stake through the heart of this spending boondoggle.  

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