April 19, 2011

The Dems still don't get it!!!

S & P downgrades our credit rating based on the TOTAL FAILURE of the Dems and the Emperor to deal with our economy in a way that begins to fix it and put us back on a path to growth. Their solution? Borrow more money and spend it as fast as they can!! What a bunch of Fiscal IDIOTS!!!

This just re-emphasizes the importance of the Ryan Road Map and how critical it is to get it passed. We must keep the feet of the GOP to the fire and do not let them fall into the PR trap the Lame Stream Media and Dems will continue to use to try to sidetrack the Ryan plan. And paint it as "Draconian" and evil, hurting the poor and rewarding the rich, which isn't even close to reality.

Conservative must stay the course for another 1 1/2 and finish the job of ending the Emperor's regime and moving the Senate and Presidency back into conservative hands in 2012.

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