March 16, 2011

You have to read all of the laws...

So the Dane County DA says the Budget Repair vote was illegal.

Nice try but he is wrong.

The conference committee meeting was entirely legal. Let's start with ss. 19.87, which covers open meetings. Normally, you need a minimum of two hours notice in an emergency, 24 hours all other times. But then we come to 19.87(2):

(2) No provision of this subchapter which conflicts with a rule of the senate or assembly or joint rule of the legislature shall apply to a meeting conducted in compliance with such rule.


So then we go to the Senate rules. Senate Rule 93 covers special session, which applies in this case because the conference committee convened to discuss Special Session Assembly Bill 11, the budget repair bill.

Senate Rule 93 (2) states:
Senate Rule 93 (2)

(2) A notice of a committee meeting is not required other than posting on the legislative bulletin board, and a bulletin of committee hearings may not be published

If you ignore the senate special sessions rules you can make a case that the vote was illegal, unfortunately for this partisan DA you can't ignore those rules.

Thanks to the Troglopundit who looked up the statutes.  It really is a shame the Madison DA could not be bothered to do the same.

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