March 21, 2011

What is the point?

So in my union emails I am still being apprised of protests and job actions. Not that I ever considered participating, but they still beg the question as to why they are doing anything. For example:

Wed March 23rd from 3:30 to 5:00 they will be marching outside the M & I branch in downtown Racine.
  • Somehow people driving by a bank seeing a bunch of people chanting and holding signs to keep their lavish benefits is supposed to garner support and sympathy.
  • The unions are trying to gain support for their jobs by attempting to adversely affect the jobs of people who have nothing to do with the process.
  • The unions are protesting and expect sympathy from a majority people which have nothing to gain from said support.
The delusion and expectation of support is borderline insane. People whom I interact with daily do not understand that most of the working world doesn't feel they way they do. Yet, they proclaim to speak for all workers and the entire middle class. It is hard to sit by and watch this first hand.

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