March 2, 2011

What is a Racine Unified Teacher Showing Our Students?


Lovely isn't it?  The badger state gutted. 

That's not all.  Check this out.

I don't relish putting vile images like these on my blog, however these are the images that have been posted for the public by a middle school teacher from Racine, Jack Senzig.

Mr.Senzig has another blog where he promotes and communicates to his choir members and parents, he is playing politics there where he claims Governor Walker is waging war on unions.  Why do these politics need to be on a choir blog?

Being an it's for the children kind of teacher Sanzig also cancelled a weeks worth of rehearsals so he could "support his union"

Most disturbingly Senzig has posted the link to his hate filled political blog on the blog for his choir parents and members.

Of course Senzig fails to understand that he does not work for the state, he works for Racine Unified which is loaded with lackeys of WEAC and he will get a much better deal than what the Governor is proposing

Apparently Mr. Sanzig thinks Wisconsin has an unending supply of money and he thinks it is just fine to take his politics to the classroom, or to show disgusting images to middle school children.

Will the Racine Journal Times tell this story?

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