March 21, 2011

The twisted mind of a union teacher...

From Folkbum...

Cost of ATT/ T-Mobile deal, in teachers 

425,000 teachers.

It's all about priorities.

What does one company acquiring another have to do with teachers?  Answer, nothing.

But then union diehards like Folkbum think everything is about them. 

I hope Jay isn't a math teacher.  At the number he shows here that represents a cost of $91,674 per teacher (39,000,000,000 / 425,000).  That's not even one year for Milwaukee Public Schools where Jay works.  At MPS the average (underpaid if you believe them) total compensation for a teacher is $100,005.  That would work out to 389,980 MPS teachers for one year.

I'm less concerned with his math than I am with his mindset.  Why do teachers hate business so much that think in transactions as to their salary?  People like Jay have a complete disconnect in the fact that taxes have to be collected in order to pay him.  Apparently he would rather businesses just paid him instead, after all it is important, it is for the children.

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