March 31, 2011

The REA Endorses...

The political endorsements by the REA have come out and no surprise it is all the democratic candidates, plus Kloppenburg.

Supposedly the members are canvassed about whom the REA should endorse. They send out a form to all members that list all candidates, but indicate who each member should choose.

A couple of interesting things to take note of are:

A rather unscientific polling on my part indicated that nearly every teacher I spoke with (even liberal-leaners) are not in support of the referenda by RUSD. Yet the REA is suggesting we vote YES on all 3. Pure speculation on my part suggests that this endorsement may have been coerced through the speedy contract negotiations.

The REA also endorses Ken Hall for Country Executive. Why does the union care who the County Exec is?

Basically the endorsement process consists of pick the name followed by the letter "D." Why they waste time and money on this process is beyond me.

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