March 26, 2011

Pink slip FAIL.

I attended the Racine County GOP Lincoln Day Dinner last night.  I'll be posting videos of the speakers and pictures from the union protest throughout the weekend.

I am glad to report this was the largest Racine County Lincoln Day Dinner I ever attended.  Attendance is easily 300% of what it was just a few short years ago.

Every year there is an auction of some donated items, in the middle of the auction a left winger that sneaked in yelled at auctioneer Robin Vos saying "here is your pink slip".  The infiltrator then slapped a womans top on the podium.  He was escorted out of the room quickly, I yelled out to Vos to sell the pink slip, and he did.

I wish I had been taping the auction but I sadly missed the outburst, however I wish to thank the person who donated the pink slip for helping to raise some additional funds for the Racine County Republican Party.  He may think he made some statement but we had a great time laughing at him and will use the additional funds to promote conservative candidates.

Protest FAIL

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