March 7, 2011

MRQ yelling and screaming

eating Lucky Charms and drinking green beer Candid Carrie
Grow a pair  Kate
which side to root for.  Elliot
an opinion worth spit.  Steve
utterly reliant on you  Jib
slightly hung over  Beejay
I have to admit a certain ignorance Trog  
ain't no one buying it   Dan
if the kuffiyeh fits  Kate
should get a tip for working so hard  Dipity
done by the chip monks.  Bussorah.
yelling and screaming  Ryan
You work for us  LibertyatStake

eeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  Frank

forgotten my kids names  Tom

left-handed beans.  Casper

stuffing my... Holly

doing it for my health  Jim

That's all I had time for, I've been out stimulating the economy.

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