March 21, 2011

MRQ Treat without proper respect

Stomping his foot.  Kate
socialist literature and buttons  Althouse
making friends and influencing people Patrick
caught my eye Owen
naked pix to show off   Dad29
preparing for basketballs to be thrown onto their lawn  Steve
not going to argue OrbsCorbs
Treat without proper respect.  Ric
doing a miserable job Wigdy
I almost died  Dipity
Coming for you.  Trog
My kind of guy Lumberjack
a few beers CFR  (Slowing down?)
do as I say but not as I do  Nancy
buon compleanno Italia  Frank
Be warned  Jim
drier than a cactus' armpit  Dipity
hold up your cheeks  Tammy
I take a LOT of pics!! CFR
four prunes and 3 mint cookies Kate
drown my wants  Holly
Look but don't touch  Aaron
Keep it coming.  Aaron

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