March 14, 2011

MRQ I think he's 12

fat cat villains poised to destroy the little guy  ALa
made me chuckle.  Owen
Platonic mirrors, or Aristotelian realism Dad29
pretending to be...  Izzy
With a few strokes Egg
doing it was wrong.  Trog
It's a clown show  Althouse  (Yes, it is)
carry on  Owen
I think he's 12  Wigdy
there's something in my DNA that can't look past dumb.  Dipity
can't climb the walls Holly
be an hour late for ANYTHING Dan
becoming Rainier Wolfcastle Conrad
Knit a sweater for your mouse  Aaron
just get off  Kate
Worth looking at  Pam
vandalized, not patronized Patrick
I don't appreciate this type of behavior. Tammy
a change for the better  Lou
worried about psychotic behavior  Lora

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