March 23, 2011

Let's Break This One Down

Below are exceprts from a message I received from Comrade Knotek, REA President.

The picket scheduled for tomorrow ( “We are Wisconsin” Picket at Downtown Racine M & I Bank ) HAS BEEN CANCELLED. Instead of this activity, all members are urged to turn out for the Friday picket of the Republican dinner and scheduled Walker appearance at the Marriott as detailed below.


It is important all citizens come out to voice opposition to Gov. Walker about his policies.


Thanks for all of the hard work!

In solidarity,


  • OK 1st is the "We Are Wisconsin" picket. You are a small percentage of Wisconsin; a very small percentage.
  • Is the picket cancelled due to weather? I would hate to think that Mother Nature is on board with the governor.
  • "It is important all citizens come out to voice opposition Gov. Walker about his policies." What if all citizens do not oppose his policies?
  • "Thanks for all of the hard work!" You mean chanting and holding a sign? I heard three people collapsed from exhaustion while protesting on Monday alone. (Sarcasm off)
  • Then of course my fave "In Solidarity" which translates to "March union peons and do our bidding, pay us money, and for goodness sake don't do your job too well for it will make the goldbricks look bad!"
The overall delusional message is the same it has been all along. We hate republicans and their ideas, let's hold a pre-fab protest to try and keep the taxpayer dollar spigot flowing.

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