March 4, 2011

If Obama was part of the NFL labor talks....

NFL goes from making $9Billion to losing $90Billion per year

An overpaid NFL Czar is appointed who knows nothing of football or management, but will implement Obama's social engineering ideas on the NFL.

All straight, white coaches will be fired to be replaced by women, gays, and the trangendered. Again no football coaching experience is necessary.

All NFL salaries are capped at $150,000. Most of the current stars retire immediately.

Players make the teams based on their politics, who they donate to, and which quota they fill. Knowing how to play football is not a requirement.

NFL training tables will only serve vegetarian MREs by order of Michelle Obama.

Medical Marijuana is no longer banned by the league as the NFL Czar is a huge partaker of the the "herb".

Scores are no longer kept.

Every team is declared a champion.

Finally, the NFL will collapse like Detroit.


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