March 17, 2011

Chris Abele has serious problems.

So Chris Abele got busted for drunk driving and he wants us to believe that he didn't know when his court date was?  Then if he didn't know it didn't concern him enough to ask why he hadn't been to court in seven years?

Now we learn he got in a fireworks fight being an inconsiderate neighbor and he didn't show up at court for that date either?  (Bice will have a column on this in the morning)

I've never had a DUI or a ticket for throwing fireworks over my neigbor's fence but I've had a couple of speeding tickets and I can assure you I knew when my court dates were.  I made sure to take care of the fines well in advance of the required date.

Something is clear about Chris Abele, he thinks his money makes him above the law.  He has a complete disregard for our justice system as he never cared enough about his crimes to take responsibility in a timely fashion.

And now he wants to be the Milwaukee County Executive. 

The sad thing is despite his obvious MASSIVE charachter flaws, the left wingers will vote for him anyway.

It must really suck to be Jim Sullivan right now.

UPDATE: As of 8:30 pm a quick trip around the slums of the left-o-sphere of hate showed absolutely zero concern over their chosen rich white guy and his lack of concern about taking care of his legal obligations in a timely fashion.

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