March 7, 2011

Another day at the office -- compliments of Collective Bargaining

Here's another example of why our current collective bargaining system with the Public Unions is totally out of control and MUST BE CHANGED!!

This emeritus program (collectively bargained in Green Bay) gives one full year’s salary paid over three years,in addition to the regular pension benefits. In return, the retiree provides 10 days of service to the district each year during that time. The emeritus program is something that has been negotiated into the teachers’ contract through collective bargaining.

As a taxpayer I find this way beyond abuse and bordering on CRIMINAL!!! The "typical" teacher in Green Bay ready to retire is likely in the $75,000 salary range. The Green Bay school system has classes for around 176 days per year, paying that teacher a gross amount of $426 per teaching day. Under this outrageous program they will get $2500 per day for 10 days work!! That's a 586% increase in pay for the retired teacher willing to work the system and stick it to the taxpayer yet one more way.

Any of you out there still want to defend keeping collective bargaining untouched in Wisconsin???

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