March 30, 2011

AFSCME using Extortion tactics

Right out of the Mafia play book comes the latest tactic being used by the public employee union to force support for their efforts on the path of economic unsustainability in Wisconsin. "If you are not for us then we will boycott and ruin you" is the threat from AFSCME. They don't care about a small business owner who may honestly want to stay out of the fray and just run their business.

This is why it is critical that conservatives and independant voters turn out in huge numbers for the April election. We did it last November and now it's time to re-enforce that vote by demonstrating to the Libs and the union bosses that they will no longer be allowed to manhandle our government and screw the taxpayers.

Any Lawyers out there willing to bring an extortion law suit? That's what it is.

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