February 17, 2011

With apologies to Mr. McMahon...

I have to present the 27-block fantasy world of Spencer Coggs.

I just can’t sit silent on this. As a history major, I was stunned when I heard Spencer Coggs comparing what governor Walker is doing to introducing “legalized slavery.”
Wow, I thought! Are you kidding me?? He’s going to get hammered for being that stupid!

Did I miss the hammer?

Where is the outrage from the An-American community? If they don’t care that someone is so flippant about slavery, is the shame over then?? Can anyone compare un-perfect working conditions? Well, lets review:
(ok, so Fred seems to have broken the internet. To see this larger, and legible, go here:

Anybody AT ALL in the African-American community want to humiliate and just tell this idiot that....he's an idiot??? Hello??

*yes, this was partially stolen. If you recognized the lyric, you know why.

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