February 28, 2011

Wisconsin Media and Union Lexicon

As the protests go on in Wisconsin I believe we need to begin a talking points lexicon for the average citizen.  Call this an effort to put clarity into the talking points of the day.

Eliminating Collective Bargaining Rights – Governor Walker is not eliminating collective bargaining for wages, only for benefits.  Governor Walker is not proposing any changes to public sector unions or Wisconsin’s existing civil service protections.

Peaceful protest – Not to be used with TEA party events; those shall be referred to as angry mobs.

Dictator – In the November elections Republicans took over the Governor’s mansion the state Assembly and Senate.  Liberals who had no ethical issues with their side being in control and ignoring the minority party are now outraged that the new Governor has a similar path to push his agenda.

Middle Class – the people who could not possibly afford the lavish benefit packages of union workers that they pay for with their taxes.

Anti-union – See also pro-taxpayer.

We gave up – Unions love to talk about what they gave up in prior negotiations.  Contracts are granted from a given point in time to another point in time.  The end of those contracts does not mean you get to keep those items for life.  Union members have a difficult time grasping this concept.

We’re broke – We’re broke.

Union busting – If the Governor wanted to decertify unions he could, he has not.  Additionally, nothing that has been proposed has any effect on private sector unions. The Governor’s bill would allow employees the choice to opt out of union membership.  

Participating in Democracy – Hiding in Illinois.

New Civility – See also peaceful protest, ignore examples of hate speech from pro-union demomstrators.

Pro-taxpayer – See also anti-union.

Jesse Jackson – Do not get between him and a TV camera.

Budget stalemate – See also Illinois Department of Tourism.

Vigil – No where else to go, nothing better to do.

Koch money – The 83rd rated political donators, well behind union giving.

Democrats – Bought and paid for agents of the union movement.  They decry corporate money (which usually goes to both sides) while stuffing money in their campaign accounts funneled from the taxpayers through the unions to themselves.

Payback – Four of the three hundred and fourteen police and fire unions supported Scott Walker’s candidacy for Governor.  For that stunning support of 1.3% percent of fire and police unions in Wisconsin Governor Walker is obviously paying them back for their overwhelming support by exempting them from his budget repair bill.

Doctor's Excuse - A signed fill in the blank document from someone who has been through medical school but flunked the required course on ethics.

We can't afford. - We are not willing to accept a fraction of the sacrifices the people who pay our lavish benefit and pension packages have had to endure.

Personal Day - Illegal work stopage.

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